Graduate Student Research Topics

Current Students

Sean Linley
Thesis: Fire and the importance of the timing of reproductive onset in trees
Advisor: David Greene

Katherine Marlin
Thesis: Post-fire regeneration of the serotinous Knobcone pine
Advisor: David Greene

Abigail Jones
Thesis: Fuel treatment effectiveness to wildfire in chaparral stands of northern California
Advisor: Jeffrey Kane

Madeleine Lopez
Thesis: Seed maturation rates of five California conifers and their implications for facultative serotiny
Advisor: Jeffrey Kane

Ariel Weisgrau
Thesis: Intraspecific water exchange via common mycorrhizal networks​
Advisor: Lucy Kerhoulas

Lonyx Landry
Thesis: Soil sampling for Phytophthora spp.
Advisor: Susan Edinger Marshall

Jill Beckmann
Thesis: The effects of severe drought on radial stem growth of Oregon white oak
Advisor: Rosemary Sherriff

Rose E. Dana
Thesis: Modeling how geomorphic and ecological processes affect coho salmon at various life history stages
Advisor: Andrew Stubblefield

Andre Sanchez
Thesis: Quantifying summer water budget use by fir and oak trees within overtopped and released forest stands.
Advisor: Andrew Stubblefield

Hannah Morrison
Advisor: Harold Zald

Chance Callahan
Thesis: Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forests responses to forest thinning and burning treatments
Advisor: Harold Zald

Keath Sakihara
Thesis: Aspen growth response in the presence of inter-annual climate fluctuation and disturbance in the Lake Tahoe Basin
Advisor: Pascal Berrill

Zachary Erickson
Thesis: Coast range conifer silviculture and restoration treatment responses
Advisor: Pascal Berrill

Jennifer Brumbeloe
Thesis: Ecosystem responses to aspen restoration in the Lake Tahoe Basin
Advisor: Pascal Berrill




Cerena Brewen
Thesis: Multidecadal change in aspen experiencing long-unburned, mixed-severity wildfire, and reburn disturbance regimes
Advisor: Pascal Berrill

Kurt Schneider
Thesis: Understory light, regeneration, and browsing effects in irregular structures created by partial harvesting in coast redwood stands
Advisor: Pascal Berrill

Robert Muma
Thesis: Converting coast redwood/ Douglas-fir forests to multiaged management; residual stand damage, growth, and regeneration response
Advisor: Pascal Berrill



Michael Vernon
Thesis: In the face of drought: Do fuel treatments promote resistance to multi-year drought in a mixed-conifer forest of northern California?

Walter Kast
Thesis: Finding nondestructive parameters for root-to-shoot ratios in Douglas-fir, grand fir, and redwood saplings in northwest California for biomass and carbon storage estimates
Advisor: Pascal Berrill


Alexander Wick

Chris Valness
Thesis: Performance and morphology in Sequoiadendron genotypes outside of their range
Advisor: Pascal Berrill


Nathan Queener
Thesis: Spatial and temporal variability in baseflow and stream drying in the Mattole River headwaters.

Madelinn Schriver
Thesis: Stand and tree growth characteristics of Quercus garryana and Quercus kelloggi woodlands in northwestern California

Nichole Besyk
Thesis: Predicting phosphorus retention in two Haplohumult forest soils of northern California

Radeslow Glebocki
Thesis: Fuel loading and moisture dynamics in thinned coast redwood ? Douglas-fir forests in Headwaters Forest Reserve, California

Zawisza Grabinski-Parker
Thesis: Reburn severity interactions over 30 years in the Klamath Mountains ecoregion, California, USA


Tim Montgomery
Thesis: Modeling work plan logistics for biomass recovery operations using spatial analysis.

Hai Vuong
Thesis: Using liDAR to estimate the total aboveground live biomass of redwood stands in South Fork Caspar Creek Watershed, Jackson Demonstration State Forest, Mendocino, California.

Amy Livingston
Thesis: Plant community responses to fire exclusion, species invasions, and restoration in California woodlands and grasslands.

Christopher Kirk
Thesis: Second log branch analysis of redwood and Douglas-fir
Advisor: Pascal Berrill

Bobby Howe
Thesis: Coast redwood growth response to herbicide treatment of tanoak
Advisor: Pascal Berrill


Lea Bond
Thesis: Using distributed temperature sensing fiber-optics and heat source modeling to characterize a northern California stream?s thermal regime.


Sara Hanna
Thesis: Long-term, post-fire dynamics of a sagebrush steppe community in northeastern California.

Brian Huggett
Thesis: Modeling six years of stream discharge using the distributed hydrology soil vegetation model (DHSVM) in a coastal, timber harvest catchment, Humboldt County, California.

Brandon Namm
Thesis: Root morphology and belowground carbon storage in tanoak (Notholithocarpus densiflorus)
Advisor: Pascal Berrill


Trever Parker
Thesis: Fluorometry as a bacterial source tracking tool in coastal watersheds, Trinidad, California.

Chantell Royer
Thesis: Building a foundation for coordinated water quality monitoring in the Klamath River basin.

Matt Cocking
Thesis: The Role of Native Conifer Encroachment and the Return of Fire to California Black Oak Ecosystems in Northern California.

Sungnome Madrone
Thesis: Fine sediment sources of coastal watersheds with uplifted marine terraces in Northwest Humboldt County, California.


Eamon Engber
Thesis: Fuelbed heterogeneity, flammability, and restoration of historically fire frequent oak woodlands with fire.

Claire Knopf
Thesis: A permeability study on salmonid spawning riffles in the Little River drainage and Canon Creek in Northern Humboldt County, California.