Humboldt State University Scholarships

Department Scholarships

Each year the Department awards a about $50,000 in scholarships to outstanding students. The scholarships honor bequests to the Department in the names of outstanding alumni, emeritus faculty, and other friends of the program. Scholarships include:

  • Don C. Banghart Forestry Scholarship
  • Helen Barnum Forestry Scholarship
  • James T. Brown Forestry Scholarship
  • Robert Cary Forestry Scholarship
  • Dillard-Bailey Scholarship for Undergraduate Students
  • Dillard-Bailey Scholarship for Graduate Students
  • HSU Forestry Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Forestry Pathfinders Commemorative Scholarship
  • Marlis Honeywell Forestry Scholarship
  • Ron Hoover Memorial Scholarship
  • Allan E. Nilson Memorial Scholarship 
  • Jerry Partain Forestry Scholarship
  • Edwin and Joan Pierson Forestry Scholarship
  • Mark B Rhea Soil Science Fellowship
  • Charles G. and Helen W. Schober Scholarship
  • Schmidbauer Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Gayleen Smith Memorial Scholarship
  • Louis H Wayers Memorial Scholarship

The deadline for applications is during January 31st. More information or to apply for scholarships visit

Additional Humboldt State University Scholarships

  • Aidan Leaf Mullin Scholarship - Scholarship for students interested in how soils can foster sustainable agriculture. More Information »
  • Outdoor Leadership in Forestry - Three year scholarships for Forestry Majors interested in participating in outdoor leadership experiences. More Information » 
  • Ernest P. Fusi Scholarship in Natural Resources -The Ernest Fusi Scholarship is awarded to a full time CNRS student.
  • Fusi & Dusi ScholarshipThe Fusi and Dusi scholarship is awarded to a full-time student pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in natural resources majors.
  • Steinberg Family Geospatial Science Scholarship - The Steinberg Geospatial Analysis Scholarship is awarded to students who have completed, or are currently enrolled in, a minimum of 3 units of coursework in geospatial analysis with a grade of B or better.

The deadline for applications is during January 31st. More information or to apply for scholarships visit

Humboldt Area Foundation Scholarships

The following scholarships are available to students through the Humboldt Area Foundation:

  • James T. Brown Forestry Scholarship
  • Ron Hoover Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles G and Helen W. Schober Memorial Scholarship

The applications are available for download. The application deadline for these scholarships is March 1st, 2021. Materials should be submitted electronically via email to


External Scholarships

California Farm Bureau Scholarship Foundation

The California Farm Bureau Scholarship Foundation provides aid to students with a desire to pursue a career in the agricultural industry. The scholarships are awarded annually based upon academic achievement, career goals, extracurricular activities, determination, leadership skills, and a commitment to study agriculture. Application Deadline: February 1st.

Humboldt County Farm Bureau Scholarships

The Humboldt County Farm Bureau Scholarships provides scholarships to students who graduated from from Humboldt County High Schools or the surrounding area. The variety of scholarships are aimed at students who intend to pursue agriculture, forestry and natural resource sciences. Application Deadline: April 1st.

John Mabry Forestry Scholarships

The John Mabry Forestry Scholarships awards scholarships to forestry students enrolled in two- or four-year degree programs. Application Deadline: June 30th.

Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarship

The Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarship Project offers scholarships to any Oregon high school graduate with a full year of college transcripts who plans to study agriculture and/or a forestry related major. Application Deadline: March 1st.

Redwood Region Logging Conference (RRLC) Scholarships

The Redwood Region Logging Conference (RRLC) offers several scholarships that are available to Forestry, Agriculture and Natural Resource students. Download Scholarship ApplicationApplication Deadline: March 31st.