David Greene

Professor & Chair - Forest Ecology

Upon receiving his B.Sc. at the University of California at Berkeley, Dr. Greene went to the University of Calgary for the M.Sc. and Ph.D. A forest ecologist, Dr. Greene studies pollination, seed production, seed abscission and dispersal, and germination, as well as broader issues in forestry and disturbance ecology. Following a 25-year year career at Concordia University in Montreal, he arrived at Humboldt State in 2014.


Ph.D., University of Calgary
M.Sc., University of Calgary
B.Sc., University of California, Berkeley


Refereed Publications (Bold indicates a supervised Graduate or Honors student)

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Non-refereed publications and reports

Greene, D.F. and M.J. McCavour. Dispersal, diffusion, and migration. Submitted in January 2014. A chapter in the Encyclopedia of Geography (Wiley-Blackwell/AAG).

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Greene, D.F., and V. Crisfield. 2006. Final report on tree regeneration on seismic lines in the uplands and Delta near Inuvik. Gwich’in Renewable Resource Board, Inuvik, NWT

David Greene
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