Publications and achievements submitted by our faculty, staff, and students.

Student Andrew Slack, Nicholas Zeibig-Kichas Forestry & Wildland Resources

Andrew Slack, a graduate student, Nicholas Zeibig-Kichas, an undergraduate student, and Dr. Jeff Kane recently published an article in Forest Ecology and Management entitled “Contingent resistance in longleaf pine (Pinus paulustris) growth and defense 10 years following smoldering fires”.

Submitted: February 10, 2016

Faculty Hunter Harrill Forestry & Wildland Resources

Gave a presentation “Winch-assisted Harvesting Systems: New Opportunities for Logging in California” and moderated the panel session on “Steep Slope Logging Technology” at the Associated California Loggers (ACL) annual conference in Reno, Nevada January 15th-16th, 2020.

Submitted: February 7, 2020

Student Jeffrey Kane, Alexis Bernal Forestry & Wildland Resources

Forestry Graduate Student, Alexis Bernal submitted a grant proposal to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and was awarded a research grant of $24,460 for studying the effect of variable density thinning and burning treatments on the spatial patterns of drought-related tree mortality.

Submitted: October 4, 2018

Faculty Erin Kelly Forestry & Wildland Resources

Erin Kelly, Assistant Professor in the Forestry & Wildland Resources Department, and Jonathan Kusel, Executive Director of the Sierra Institute for Community and Environment, had their article on cooperative, cross-boundary management facilitates large-scale ecosystem restoration efforts published in California Agriculture, Volume 69, Number 1, January-March 2015. This article summarizes a case study for the Burney Gardens timber harvesting plan where a cooperative, cross-boundary meadow restoration project was undertaken by private & corporate landowners in Eastern Shasta County. The Burney Gardens property is currently under consideration for donation by the Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council to the University as a teaching and research working laboratory of Northern Sierra Mixed Conifer forests with a large meadow complex.

Submitted: July 21, 2015

Faculty Pascal Berrill, Christa Dagley & Yoon Kim Forestry & Wildland Resources

Yoon Kim (Mathematics), Christa Dagley & Pascal Berrill (Forestry) coauthored a peer-reviewed article in the journal Restoration Ecology: “Restoration thinning enhances growth and diversity in mixed redwood/Douglas-fir stands in northern California, USA.”

Submitted: February 9, 2018

Faculty Lucy Kerhoulas & Rosemary Sherriff Forestry & Wildland Resources

Kerhoulas and Sherriff were awarded $75,000 from USDA McIntire-Stennis for their proposal “Tree mortality and regeneration across competitive and geographic gradients in Northern California.”

Submitted: March 5, 2020

Faculty Erin Kelly & student Forestry & Wildland Resources

Published “Socioeconomic Benefits of a Restoration Economy in Mattole River Watershed, USA”. Society and Natural Resources (currently online – issue forthcoming).

Submitted: March 5, 2020

Student Daniel Jones Forestry & Wildland Resources

Daniel Jones, an HSU Forestry major with a concentration in operations, won 1st place in the student web map/app contest at the California Geographic Information Systems (CalGIS) 2020, conference in Long Beach, California, on February 9-11th.
Daniel’s web map/app “ArcCollector Spillway Inspection Workflow for the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District” has been deployed for the use of the District since 2019. The use of this workflow has reduced the post-processing time of inspection/repair cataloging and reporting from 1 to 2 days down to an hour. The second iteration of his project is expected to bring inspection times down from approximately 2 minutes to about 2 – 30 seconds.

Submitted: March 2, 2020

Faculty Jeff Kane Forestry & Wildland Resources

Coauthored a paper in Nature Communications entitled “Low growth resilience to drought is related to future mortality risk in trees”

Submitted: February 25, 2020

Faculty Lucy Kerhoulas Forestry & Wildland Resources

Presented an invited seminar at the UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences in Davis, CA: “Crown-scale physiology and ecology of tall Sitka spruce.”

Submitted: February 25, 2020

Student Ryan Maberry, Jessica Souja, William Weinberg, Lucy Kerhoulas, Christopher Lee, David Baston, and Susan Marshall Forestry & Wildland Resources

Presented a poster at the Agricultural Research Institute Annual Meeting in Sacramento, CA: “Ramorum leaf blight reduces leaf-level productivity in tanoak and California bay.”

Submitted: February 25, 2020

Student Gabriel Goff, Nicholas Kerhoulas, and Lucy Kerhoulas Forestry & Wildland Resources

Presented a talk at the Agricultural Research Institute Annual Meeting in Sacramento, CA: “Conifer encroachment and removal in a northern California woodland: Influences on ecosystem physiology and biodiversity.”

Submitted: February 11, 2020

Faculty Lucy Kerhoulas, Ariel Weisgrau, Emily Hoeft, and Nicholas Kerhoulas Forestry & Wildland Resources

Presented a talk at the Ecological Society of America Conference in Louisville, KY: “Within-crown physiology of tall Picea sitchensis trees.”

Submitted: February 11, 2020

Faculty Harold Zald and Kerry Byrne Forestry & Wildland Resources

Zald (PI) and Byrne (co-PI)‘s awarded $87,100 from USDA McIntire-Stennis for their proposal “Quantification and mitigation of large pine mortality after prescribed burning in a drought altered Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forest, California, USA.”

Submitted: February 6, 2020

Student Bret McNamara, Jeff Kane, David Greene Forestry & Wildland Resources

Former HSU Wildland Fire Lab graduate student, Bret McNamara (2018) published two research papers from his work on the rare Baker cypress.
One paper entitled “Strong dispersal limitation in postfire regeneration of Baker cypress, a rare serotinous conifer“ was published in the American Journal of Botany and the other paper entitled “Post-fire fuel succession in a rare California, USA closed-cone conifer” was published in Fire Ecology. These two papers were co-authored by Forestry and Wildland Resources faculty members, Jeff Kane and David Greene.

Submitted: December 1, 2019

Student Susan Marshall and Joe Seney Forestry & Wildland Resources

Humboldt State University Wins 2nd place in Region 6 Collegiate Soil Contest, Nov. 2
Five universities sent teams to describe colors, textures, and appropriate uses of soils during the Region 6 Collegiate Soil Competition, hosted by Humboldt State University’s program in Rangeland Resources and Wildland Soils. HSU is among only five universities in California offering sufficient coursework to qualify graduates to become federally recognized Soil Scientists. Participating universities included Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CSU Chico, CSU Fresno, Humboldt State University, and New Mexico State University. The top three teams (CalPoly San Luis Obispo, Humboldt State University, and New Mexico Stat

Submitted: November 4, 2019

Student Specialist Todd Golder and students Mariah Aguiar, Amanda Albright, Melissa Chase, Axel Sanchez, Eric Garcia, Monica Rodriguez, Steven Gilster, Tess Palmer, Darren Pinnegar and Kaelie Pena. Forestry & Wildland Resources

Humboldt State University’s Range Plant Identification team placed 5th in a contest that has been described as one of the toughest in recent memory. Deedee Soto, an HSU Botany major with a range minor, placed 5th in the individual category. Coached by lecturer/NRCS Rangeland Specialist Todd Golder, other team members include Mariah Aguiar, Amanda Albright, Melissa Chase, Axel Sanchez, Eric Garcia, Monica Rodriguez, Steven Gilster, Tess Palmer, Darren Pinnegar, and Kaelie Pena. These students were enrolled in RRS 475 Advanced study of Range Plants, offered every semester.
Most plant species on this test were grasses and many consisted of mere fragments of material. We owe much to HSU’s exce

Submitted: February 2, 2017

Alumni Ken Pimlott Forestry & Wildland Resources

Ken Pimlott, 45, of Cameron Park, has been appointed director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE). He has served in multiple resource management and fire protection positions with the department since 1993 and has served as acting director since 2010. Pimlott began his career as a seasonal fire fighter in 1987 and is a Registered Professional Forester. Pimlott received an Associate of Arts degree in Fire Technology from American River College, and a Bachelor’s degree in Forest Resource Management from Humboldt State University.

Submitted: July 19, 2011

Faculty David Greene, Jeff Keane & Melanie McCavour Forestry & Wildland Resources

David Greene and Jeff Kane of the Department of Forestry and Wildland Resources and Melanie McCavour of the Department of Environmental Science and Management have just been awarded a 10-year $800,000 grant from the Bureau of Land Management for a study of Baker Cypress. This tree species, restricted to a few populations in northern California and southern Oregon, has seeds retained in cones that will only open when burned and the continuation of fire exclusion is strongly contributing to its potential extinction. The purpose of the grant is to better understand the reproductive ecology of Baker Cypress, determine the feasibility of using prescribed fire and other treatments to inform the restoration and management of this species, and create the Environmental Impact Report that will underpin the management plan.

Submitted: September 2, 2015

Student Soil Scientists Forestry & Wildland Resources

Five of six Humboldt State University students (83%) passed the rigorous “Fundamentals of Soil Science” exam offered on April 15, 2011, becoming Associate Professional Soil Scientists, according to tests results from the Council of Soil Science Examiners.

Ten Wildland Soils and four Forest Soils students graduated from Humboldt State University in 2011. Five Rangeland Resource Science students also graduated, one of whom had sufficient soil science courses to be qualified for the federal Soil Scientist position. This means that Humboldt State University graduated 15 fully qualified Soil Scientists, more qualified students than most institutions have enrolled at any given time!

Submitted: June 8, 2011